Meet Marlena Nichole

A multi-talented artist whose journey began with a shy young soul, but blossomed into a powerhouse performer, singer, songwriter, and model, captivating audiences worldwide.
It all started when Marlena took a leap of faith and auditioned for her high school musical “Annie,” conquering her fear of performing in front of others. Guided by an undeniable calling from above, she knew she had a special gift to inspire people through her art.
The spotlight found Marlena Nichole when she won the prestigious New Bedford Idol, a local singing competition, igniting the flames of her career. Holding the title of Miss New Bedford and her deep involvement in the Miss America Organization further added to her impressive accomplishments.
Growing up, music was an integral part of Marlena’s life, surrounded by her siblings’ beautiful harmonies and the inspiring travels of her older sister Samantha, who performed around the world. Additionally, her mother’s classical flute performances instilled a deep appreciation for music’s melodic magic from an early age, setting the stage for her artistic pursuits.
The artistic tapestry that shaped Marlena’s musical style is woven with influences from some of the most iconic and legendary figures. Drawing inspiration from the unparalleled artistry of Michael Jackson, she embraces the power of visual storytelling and stage presence. Amy Winehouse’s vulnerability and raw lyrics resonate deeply, as she sees the human experience reflected in her soulful voice, akin to an instrument in its own right.
Among her inspirations, Marlena Nichole cherishes the likes of The Used, whose emotive melodies strike chords within her heart. Billy Joel’s timeless compositions and storytelling prowess have left a lasting impression on her songwriting approach. And then there’s the incomparable Stevie Wonder, whose musical genius continues to be a guiding light in Marlena’s artistic journey.
Venturing into the vibrant world of London’s West End, Marlena embarked on a transformative journey, starring in “Thriller Live!” This experience abroad taught her invaluable lessons, both personally and professionally, shaping her into the exceptional artist she is today.
Her music defies easy categorization, as she gracefully weaves through genres, earning her the title of an “alternative soul” artist. Whether through powerful ballads or infectious melodies, Marlena aims to connect with listeners on a relatable, emotional level, making each song an intimate experience.
Not confined to just one stage, Marlena effortlessly delves into the realm of modeling as a freelance muse. Her versatile skills have led her to collaborate with multiple projects, including an exciting venture with the Marriott Convention Center in Las Vegas.
What sets Marlena apart is her unwavering passion and life experiences, which fuel her unparalleled empathy. Audiences are captivated not only by her undeniable talent but also by the way she invites them to see themselves in her art, creating a deep and profound connection with every listener and viewer.
Balancing the roles of a singer, songwriter, performer, and model might seem challenging, but Marlena has mastered the art of seamlessly integrating her talents into one harmonious package. It’s a testament to her dedication and the relentless pursuit of her dreams.
Currently, you can catch Marlena living her dream at “Vegas! The Show,” where she lights up the Las Vegas Strip at Planet Hollywood. Additionally, she is eagerly preparing to unveil her latest creations, new music that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the world.
Through her unwavering dedication, raw talent, and heartfelt performances, Marlena Nichole invites you to join her on an unforgettable journey, where her music and presence inspire and touch the hearts of audiences everywhere.